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Accelerate your Intellectual Property

Innovation First

We start with maximizing innovation and work backwards and will work vigorously to earn and keep your trust. Our clients innovate in software platforms, health technologies, connected devices, and emerging technologies.

Long-term Strategy

We think long term and always work to maximize long-term value for your intellectual property strategy. We act on behalf of the overall strategy, beyond just a short-term transaction.

Invent and Simplify

Innovation and invention is a continuous process and we are always striving to find ways to simplify this process. We are aware of the patenting process and look for new ideas from everywhere, and we provide research and tools to simplify the patenting process.

Learn and Be Curious

We are never done learning better ways to improve the patenting process and always seek to improve results. We are curious about new possibilities in this field and act to explore them.

Rapid Action

Speed matters in the patenting process as inventions are secured to the first to file. Thus, we value efficiently filing fast to secure a filing date and then testing an idea for viability. The truth is that most groundbreaking new products or services are probably marketplace flops.

Invest in the Best

As an idea is examined for patentability and tested for market viability, more resources can be dedicated to prosecution of the application. We recommend due diligence and searching before filing any utility patent. No patent is guaranteed.

Insist on Quality

We are focused on continually raising the bar and delivering quality products, services and processes which are effective and efficient.

Think Big

Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results. We want to inspire others to think creatively look ways to promote innovation and invention.

Be Efficient

Accomplish more with less. We promote resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention. There are no extra points for paying needless fees and committing wasteful budgets.

Communicate clearly

We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat you respectfully. We are obligated to provide honest feedback as to the patentability of any idea or invention, even when doing so is uncomfortable.

Deliver Results

We focus on the key inputs for your patents and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion.

Ashkon Cyrus. J.D.

Founder & IP Attorney

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Ashkon E. Cyrus is a patent and intellectual property attorney currently registered with the USPTO and the California State Bar. Ashkon holds a JD (with honors) from the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. He also holds a Computer Science degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara. Ashkon represented LG and Google in various smartphone litgations as an associate at Greenberg Traurig, named a “National Tier 1” Law Firm for IP Litigation and Patent Law by U.S. News – Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” [2014-2017].  He has prosecuted over a hundred patent applications in a wide range of technologies, and is an expert computer programmer and web developer.

Patent Search

Before you spend the time and money preparing and then filing a patent application, you should search for any existing patents or published applications that contain inventions similar to yours.