This Apple patent lists Steve Jobs as an inventor and is directed towards media device. Mr. Jobs was awarded U.S. Patent D620953 entitled “Media device” on August 3, 2010. The design patent has been cited 61 times by other U.S. patents in the field of recording, communication or information retrieval equipment and in other fields.

Apple  patent by Steve Jobs from 2010 for media device - USD620953
Link: U.S. Patent D620953

Apple filed this design patent on September 11, 2006 giving it a processing time of 1422 days (compared to an average processing time of 576 in the field). They have a total number of 15027 patents. The first named inventor is Steve P. Jobs of Palo Alto, CA. The patent was allowed by primary examiner Prabhakar Deshmukh and examiner .

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