Commission a Patent Search

Before you spend the time and money preparing and then filing a patent application, you should search for any existing patents or published applications that contain inventions similar to yours.


STEP 1: Complete the patent search application on our client portal

You fill out a simple application describing your invention, including the specific areas of your invention you believe are new and potentially patentable. You may also include any drawings, figures or sketches.


STEP 2: Search is performed and a search report is compiled

The search report consists of other inventions similar to yours found in printed matter of the US and foreign patent offices, as well as a simple search of websites. The search report will usually include approximately 10-15 prior art references. We will also provide you copies of these prior art references.


STEP 3: Discuss the results with an experienced patent attorney

The discussion consists of an analysis of the references in the search report with respect to your invention. This discussion will give you insight on whether your invention is potentially patentable before you spend any additional funds. We will also discuss a prosecution strategy for crafting patent claims so as to avoid the prior art, if possible



We'll aim to get the search report to you in 48 hours.


The search is done by an expert attorney with experience representing some of the biggest companies.


You will get digital PDF copies of all similar inventions discovered in the search

Information about the Patent Attorney Conducting the Search

Ashkon graduated with honors from the George Washington University law school and also has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Ashkon brings expertise in patent law, having represented some of the largest technology companies in high stakes patent litigation.

Prior to starting his own practice, Ashkon was an associate at a top tier international law firm for almost 4 years, specializing in IP Litigation and Patent Law. He has prosecuted over a hundred patent applications in a wide range of technologies. He lives in Los Angeles but represents clients throughout the country.