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Accelerate your Intellectual Property

Patent Protection Services

Protecting your intellectual property is important to your business.  We want you to develop an effective and efficient patent protection strategy. To develop your patent portfolio, we provide you with the following services:

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis – Determine which technologies you should focus your patenting efforts on so you can maximize the return on your patent investment.
  • Patentability Searches – Determine the patentability of your inventions.
  • U.S. Provisional Patent Applications – Receive cost-effective “patent pending” status for your invention.
  • U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Applications (Utility) – Apply for patent protection on the structural and functional aspects of your invention.
  • U.S. Design Patent Applications – Apply for patent protection on the ornamental appearance of your invention.
  • PCT International Patent Applications – Apply for international patent protection for your invention.
  • Foreign Patent Protection – We work with foreign legal professionals worldwide to protect your foreign patent rights.

Freedom To Operate Services

You want to know the risk of potentially infringing on any patents.  To help our clients avoid patent litigation, we provide a variety of patent litigation avoidance services for our clients including:

  • Freedom to Operate Searches & Opinions – Identify patents that you may have potential infringement issues.
  • Non-Infringement Opinions – Determine if your product infringes a competitor’s patent.
  • Patent Invalidity Searches & Opinions – Find prior art to invalidate a competitor’s patent.
  • “Patent Fence” Strategies Against Competitors – Patent potential improvements to your competitors’ products to prevent them from improving their technology – and provide you with counter-ammunition if a competitor should attempt to enforce a patent against your company.
  • Patent Avoidance Product Redesign Services – If your product infringes on a patent, you can redesign the product to avoid infringing on a competitor’s patent and thereby potentially avoid costly litigation and/or post grant proceedings.

Trademark Protection Services

We provide a variety of trademark protection services for our clients including:

  • Trademark Portfolio Analysis – Determine which trademarks to apply for U.S. federal trademark protection on.
  • U.S. Trademark Searches – Determine the availability of a trademark registration prior to using a trademark.
  • U.S. Trademark Applications – Apply for U.S. federal protection on your trademarks to protect them in all 50 states.

Contract Preparation Services – Patent Related

We offer the following contract preparation services to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their technologies:

  • Confidentiality Agreements – Prevent third-parties from disclosing or otherwise misusing your confidential information provided to them.
  • Employment Agreements – Ensure that your company owns all of the intellectual property it develops by its employees and that employees cannot improperly use your technology once they leave.
  • Independent Contractor Agreements – Ensure that the independent contractors that work with your company keep your technologies confidential and that your company owns any technology developed by the independent contractors.
  • Joint Venture Agreements – Prepare joint venture agreements that are clear to prevent misunderstandings and litigation.
  • Patent Assignment Agreements – Officially transfer ownership of patent rights to your company.
  • Patent License Agreements – License your patent rights to third-parties to maximize your revenue.

Copyright Protection Services

We provide a variety of copyright services for our clients including:

  • Copyright Applications – Apply for protection of your copyrightable materials.
  • Copyright Licenses – License your copyrights to third-parties.

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