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Top Medical Technology Patent – Buttress and surgical stapling apparatus – US8496683

U.S. Patent 8496683 was awarded to Covidien LP on 2013-07-30 and describes a “Buttress and surgical stapling apparatus.” This patent has been cited 270 times by other U.S. patents which places it in the top 500 cited patents since 2010 according to our law firm research, and makes it of the most innovative medical technology patents in the field of instruments. The abstract states:

Multilayer structures including a porous layer and a non-porous layer are useful as buttresses when associated with a surgical stapling apparatus. Link: U.S. Patent 8496683

This patent was originally filed on 2011-10-17 which gives it a processing time of 652 days, compared to an average processing time of 958 in the field. Covidien LP has 3582 total patents. The first named inventor is Yves Bayon of , . The assistant examiner was Christina Lauer.

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